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Angelica Ramos

New York | Owner of Privilege Events

My parents are Dominican immigrants. I grew up in Yonkers, New York, which is a white neighborhood and when my mother remarried, I was pushed aside. I wasn’t allowed to go on family vacations with the family because my stepfather did not like me. Not having the love from my mother scarred me and I didn’t believe in myself until my husband came along. Once we had our son I knew: I’m going to break the “normal” in my family. I want and expect more.

What have been your struggles as a Latina?

I think for me, the struggle is when I have gone to networking events and they see my big hair and a huge smile and they realize, Angelica is associated with being Latina. All of a sudden, handshakes get weaker or fewer, and they don’t think I have the talent or can run a successful business.

What does Latina Made mean to you?

It means independence, honor, pride. I love that I can communicate with the white man with the suit but also with the owner of a bodega and have the same educational conversation with both. Being Latina is not about struggle. It is about overcoming the struggles that were already paved out before me and making a name for not only myself.

What made you who you are today?

This would be who not what. First all the glory to God and second my husband.  His support and love are immeasurable.

What advice would you give to young Latinas in our community?

Do not give up, keep pushing, keep believing not everyone is going to the top with you. You just need ONE person to believe in you and the rest is history in the making!

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