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Jessie Marrero

New Jersey | Maternity & Newborn Photographer

First and foremost I am a mom, to three beautiful girls, they are my everyday inspiration! I am of Dominican descent, raised originally in Spanish Harlem and moved to the suburbs once I became a mom! It took me a few years, challenges, and many different routes in life to find my niche, as they say, but creating newborn art brings me life!

I have had the opportunity to work with so many amazing families, hundreds of adorable newborns, celebrity babies and much more. But this comes with sometimes three hours a night of sleep, limited time with my family, and almost no time for myself. But with great sacrifice comes great rewards!

Most recently, I must say, I experienced what was the most rewarding! Going viral, to 6.6 million hits on my newborn video!

What have been your struggles as a Latina?

Honestly, I’ve never really focused on “struggles” per say, I take them as a challenge to focus on growth. Change the negatives to a positive!

My highest peak in my career was the month I was diagnosed with breast cancer! Sounds strange, but in that same month that I had to have a bilateral mastectomy I also had my first newborn art gallery displayed! Talk about bitter sweet! Today, nine surgeries later, I am proud to say I am a survivor. I am a testament to many, and I wear my scars proud!! I never quit, I got up from that bed and fought!

What does Latina Made mean to you?

Being Latina is one of the best things about me! But it’s just one of characteristics that I carry along side other important features. I am vibrant, I am proud, I am a leader, I am a team player, I am bi-lingual, I have values, I am humble, I have goals, I am Latina!!

What made you who you are today?

The man up above! The power of prayer is grand!

What advice would you give to young Latinas in our community?

Follow your dreams! The heart speaks! There isn’t one thing in life you cannot do. You can and you will!

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